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Coaching Children and Young Adults (7-21) enhances confidence, optimism, and assists each young person to uncover their strengths and apply them to their social, academic, and family situations.

Recent research indicates people perform at a higher level when using their strengths and talents and are more likely to have a growth-mindset which enables cognitive, social-emotional, resilience, and creative acceleration to occur. Often times young people are inappropriately labeled and stigmatized due to their innate spirit, drive, curiosity, their energy to explore, question the status quo, or appear bored with academic settings. These false labels result in unnecessary medication, hours of tutoring or counseling to treat a dysfunction that does not exist, strained communication with adults, and many times lead children towards a downward spiral and low self-esteem.

Children are creative, resourceful, and whole – they are not Test Takers or Robots, and our goal for them should certainly be to exceed becoming Common in education. Our children are Uncommon, have Special Abilities and Gifts, and must have opportunities to develop these gifts – that is what coaching offers to everyone.

“The young people I have coached demonstrate an improved sense of self-worth, have confidence to take on new challenges, and communicate in a thoughtful and reflective manner. They are focused to move forward in all aspects of their lives.”

Coachable Areas for young people include:

  • becoming more self-confident in expressing personal opinions
    committing to athletic development to earn a scholarship
    • leading others in understanding and friending children with Autism and Special Needs
    transitioning into a new grade, school, college, or neighborhood
    • reducing stress and pressure to excel academically
    • finding ways to achieve under non-motivating factors in school
    communicating with adults to be listened to
    • establishing communication links between parents and siblings
    • taking on new challenges where fear once stood in the way
    • improving social skills in a public setting
    visualization of how to see one’s self in difficult situations
    • learning strategies that focus on using strengths in adverse or bullying environments
    working through college pressures (e.g. hazing, study habits, drinking, peer pressure)
    • building platforms to make dreams come true (e.g. apprenticing for a possible career, entrepreneurial explorations)

Additional coachable areas at certain age levels include:
(please note there is no definitive cut-off age or situation that cannot be addressed for a young developing life)

Entering a new grade  Beginning puberty Being cut from a sports team New roommate
Moving to a new school Social media cliques & bullies Being a freshman Getting homesick
Friendship wishes Being understood and valued by teacher Homework disconnect Drinking & Hazing
 Keeping the “WHY” alive Gifted and Talented Pressures LBGT(QIAP) identity Talking about suicide

Regardless of which area a child chooses to develop an action plan based on his or her affect, strengths, and organizational style is designed, implemented, and the child commits to personal accountabilities to ensure forward movement leading to personal fulfillment in one or many areas of his or her young life.

Every young person is unique and has a contribution to make to society that will benefit everyone – coaching allows the child at whatever age, to get started and get everyone else around him or her FIRED UP! 

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