One of the biggest "rites of passage" may be college transition; lack of wellness strategies and how to cope have escalated anxiety & depression and statistics indicate 30% more students are seeking assistance while the ratio of student to counselor is 1,737:1 what can a parent do...

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High School

High School requires an immediate embrace of change and for some young people, speed is not their strongest suit. 5 tips for parents are listed to assist the young child transitioning.

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Middle School

Puberty with its hormones and development may take a middle schooler for a wild ride in grades 6-9, however, parents can assist children with reflection and communication and seeking out role models to smooth the transition.

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Elementary School

Stormy, cloudy, mostly sunny or bright are the many options for our young grade schoolers. Like the weather, a word, action, or missed social cue can set the day into a tailspin and transitions can be volatile, it is critical for parents/guardians to touch base with the child and provide support.

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Pre-school, Kindergarten, and First-grade are those roller-coaster transitions where children are filled with excitement, confusion, trying to catch on to routines, some not being able to take naps, and for others it's literally exhausting.

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Coach your Child on Transitions

Labels, lack of challenge, and misunderstandings can take a toll on creativity

Find Out How to Coach Your Child

Coaching a child allows for labels to have no power while strengths and positive habits flourish.

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