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About Susan (Sue) Dinnocenti, Ph.D.

Hi there, I am Susan (Sue) Dinnocenti, a life coach specializing in Positivity, Health and Wellness, and guiding my clients to a lifestyle of well-being at work, home, or play.  

As a child, I never ran around yelling "I want to be healthy and well" I just didn't like how it felt to sit on a sideline due to an injury in sports, or lying on a couch with a cold or activity was important to me and was a far better use of my time.  I didn't make decisions about food since my mom loved vegetables and made me eat whatever she put on my plate, and bedtime wasn't negotiable for me or my siblings - sleeping in your bed was required.

Now as an adult, I do think about health and wellness and wake up every morning stating that "I want to be healthy and well."  I also wake up thanking my parents for giving me a head start on the wellness path.  I realize not everyone begins their journey with vegetables and healthy meals, limited sweets, and regular sleep routines and I also realize that it is never to late to create a lifestyle of health and wellness once you take an assessment of where you are on the continuum of well-being.

The path to health and wellness is multidimensional filled with daily choices of food, finances, sleep, activity, meditation, relaxation, social and emotional support, and having the ability to handle stress and finding outlets to let things go.  The choices one makes determine the level of wellness one can attain and ongoing choices determine how long one can sustain that wellness.

As a lifestyle coach I guide each person to his or her best level of health & wellness using his or her personal starting line.  Those who need to unload stressors from work to be more present in home/social environments may be guided differently than someone who wants to quit smoking, lose weight, or engage in a more active life.

Health & wellness matter for everyone and Coaching works.  We just have to remember that Wellness is unique to each Being - so to achieve your Well-Being think about finding a coach and building your best life today.

Call or email me for a  free 1 hour phone/skype/zoom/... informational conversation on what coaching can do for you.  If you would like to send a comment please do so below and I will get back to you shortly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Be Well - Sue

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